This Administrator guide describes how to install and upgrade the iService customer interaction solution. It is intended for network engineers familiar with Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and basic network administration concepts. It is not intended for people responsible for configuring an iService tenant or business segment.

For information regarding configuring an iService tenant that has already been created, please see the iService Setup Guide.

This guide is available in the following formats.



Online Help - This HTML help can be browsed online. You will be automatically directed to the standard, smartphone, or iPad version that is most appropriate for your browser.


Compiled HTML Help - You can download this Windows Compiled Help file and view it in your browser while offline.


PDF - Acrobat file for printing


iPad / iBook - This is an ePub file for viewing on your iPad. To view it on your iPad, you much transfer the ePub file to your iTunes account. You can right click the link above and save it to your machine or click here to download a .zip version of the file.



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