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$FileUpload - Adding Attachments

Your form submissions can be modified to accept file attachments by changing the POST command and adding HTML within the form body and using the $FileUpload command.

The Post command for the form should be modified to specify that the form may contain a file attachment. Replace the default post with the following.

<form method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data">


This command accepts two parameters: -nameprefix and -group.

Available Parameters for $FileUpload

Parameter Name: -nameprefix

Since every element within an HTML document must have a unique name, you need to add a number or something unique to the name of each file attachment if there is more than one in the form. For example, you might use naming such as file1, file2, file3 where the prefix is the word "file". Or, you could use the naming EmailAttach1, EmailAttach2, etc. where the prefix is EmailAttach. The -nameprefix parameter is used to specify the prefix used.


Insert the following into your form body wherever you would like the user to select a file. You may include as many file attachment inputs as desired. This example includes two.

Attachment 1: <input type="file" name="EmailAttach1" /><br />

Attachment 2: <input type="file" name="EmailAttach2" /><br />




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