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iService Technical Guide

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This user guide is intended for network administrators responsible for the installation, upgrade, and technical configuration of an iService installation. Most of the set up and configuration of an iService tenant is done through the web interface. See the iService user guide for details on configuring a tenant using the web interface.


IService is a multi-tenant application that uses a single app but separate databases for each tenant. This simplifies the upgrade process because there's only one website and set of web services for the installation. The schemas for each tenant database are identical, and are updated automatically when new versions of iService are installed. The configuration for each tenant, including custom forms and changes to the user interface, are managed through settings within the tenant's database.


iService uses a single website and separate tenant DBs

iService uses a single website and separate tenant DBs



iService can be installed on a single server, or multiple servers depending upon the number of users within your installation. It is a .Net application that requires a Microsoft Internet information service (IIS) web server and a Microsoft SQL Server database. This user guide does not make any distinction between a single server or multiple server configuration.


The components of iService are briefly described below.


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