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Assigned Messages Form

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assignedmessagesThe Assigned Messages form gives staff a quick view of the status of every message currently assigned to an agent within their segments. It provides a real-time view of agents, the number of messages assigned to them, and the age of the oldest message in their queue in business hours. The default form uses 0900 - 1700 Mon-Fri when computing the age in business hours. You can override the standard business hours settings with your own requirements.


(1) Click on a column heading to sort by agent, # messages, or age. (2) Expand a row to show the list of questions assigned to the agent. Standard business hours are used by default, but can be customized for your needs.  


The form reloads data without reloading the page and is designed to provide a dashboard view of activity within all segments of your tenant.


The form can be accessed by appending /f/assigned-messages to the URL of your tenant.


The Assigned Messages Form

The Assigned Messages Form


tog_plus        Changing the default business hours


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