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Customizing the Built-in Customer Chat Form

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iService includes built-in customer chat forms (/f/chat and /f/chat2) that can be customized to reflect your own styling. You can use this customer chat window as is, modify it using the process described below. or create new chat windows using the code from these forms as a template.


Customizing the Built-in Customer Chat Form

To customize the customer chat Window, create a new blank form and using the code below into the form body. Then, change the values as desired for your customization. Only include the var sections that will be customized. Each of the these variables are described in more detail below.


$include -formID'webapp-userchat'$ (or -userchat2)

$if -fieldregex'form'='^js$'$$header -filetype(js)$


var logoURL = '$value -rootpath$images/clientLogo.jpg';

var faceURL = '$value -rootpath$images/agent.png';

var topics = [ 

    { 'id': '4', 'name': 'Cars' },

    { 'id': '16', 'name': 'trucks' },

    { 'id': '14', 'name': 'Spaceships' } ];










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