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iService User Guide

openidiconService supports open ID integration to simplify the agent login process. The identity providers include Google, Microsoft, and Okta. Enter your client credentials into this page and the login page will be updated to include the appropriate button.


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The Open ID settings page


1 - The Microsoft OpenID integration supports two methods for authentication: open to all clients and restricted to Azure tenant IDs. In both cases, add your Azure Client ID here. Azure Client Id is the Active Directory Application Id. Client Id is the unique identifier of an application created in Active Directory. You can have many applications in an Active Directory. Each application will have a different access level. This is a required field for using Microsoft OpenID.


To limit access to only Azure users of your Azure tenant

Enter your Azure Tenant ID to limit logins to users within your Azure Tenant. When this is left blank, any Microsoft authenticated account can be connected to an iService agent. If you have agents that are not within your Azure tenant that need to login using a social account (Hotmail, etc.), leave this blank to allow them to use those accounts for authentication. This is option and is used to limit logins to your Azure tenant.


2 - Enter the Okta Client ID and domain to activate the Sign in with Okta button on your agent login page.


3 - Enter the Google Client ID for your company. Be sure to add the fully qualified URL for your iService tenant to your Google account.


For guidance on creating your credentials with the identify provider, see the appropriate section below.


tog_plus        Creating Azure credentials for iService


tog_plus        Creating Okta credentials for iService


tog_plus        Creating Google credentials for iService

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