Creating a New Tenant



Tenants are created within the Tenants tab of the iService Landlord Administration component. To create a new tenant, basic information regarding the tenant is entered into the Landlord Administration component, including the following:

Tenant Name – This must be a unique name associated with the tenant database.

Domain Name – The Domain Name specifies the domain where users of the iService system will login and must be unique for each tenant.

Full Web Service URL – This is the location of the web services file for the new tenant. It should typically be the domain name with http or https (as appropriate) followed by /iService.asmx (the name of the web services file).

Administrator Login Name – This will have a default name.  If this is changed, please record the name.

Administrator Password – This will show the default password.  If this is changed, please keep track of the new password.

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