iService Business Intelligence provides insight into your marketing, sales, and service operations. It consists of over 40 reports that provide summary and detailed information about various aspects of your iService installation. This user guide provide a description of the various reports and explains the metrics and insight you can gain from each of them.

The reports are built using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), an included component with the Microsoft SQL Server database. The reports are ready to run as is, and the source files are available for editing and customization if you have in-house staff with expertise in SSRS .

This Business Intelligence Guide is intended for iService users responsible for generating reports and analyzing service center performance. It is available in the following formats.



Online Help - This HTML help can be browsed online. You will be automatically directed to the standard, smartphone, or iPad version that is most appropriate for your browser.


Compiled HTML Help - You can download this Windows Compiled Help file and view it in your browser while offline.


PDF - Acrobat file for printing


iPad / iBook - This is an ePub file for viewing on your iPad.

Getting Started

Using Microsoft SSRS


Note to iService On-Demand Users: If your iService installation is hosted by One-to-One, the time stamps for all interactions will be stored in Central Daylight Savings Time.

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