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iService User Guide

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Managing Work Queues

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ManageWorkThe Manage Work Queues section of iService includes pages for managing the work of other people. These pages allow you to see the status of work that is in progress, and agents that are logged in to iService. The functionality of these pages is similar to the My Work Queue pages, but in most cases you can perform actions on multiple interactions at one time.


Access to these menus is typically restricted to the CSR Manager user types, because they allow agents to work on questions out of order. This presents the risk of agents "cherry picking" the easiest questions and leaving the more difficult questions for others. However, there are cases where it can be more efficient to do work using these pages directly.


When answering questions or taking chats in these pages, agents should use care when they take questions that are already assigned to another agent. That agent's work can be lost if the interaction is taken before the changes are saved. This is less of a risk with iService chat, because you can see the ongoing conversation in real time and the need for saving work is minimal.

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