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iService User Guide

ManageMessagesIconThe Manage Messages page lists the unresolved questions and proposed answers waiting for approval for all the segments that you can access. It includes a mass update panel that allows you to take actions on multiple messages at once. The page shows all topics in a topic tree in the left side of the page for every segment that you've been granted segment access. Select the topics that you need to monitor from the Topic List to display their messages in the message list to the right.


The page updates in real-time as changes occur (new messages arrive, messages are answered, messages are assigned, etc.), so there is no need to reload the page to see changes. If your tenant has color coding configured for service levels, the date column will change color to show messages that are beginning to exceed your specified time frames.


NOTE: If your tenant is receiving a high volume of incoming questions (new question every 60 seconds) you may notice your answer panel moving as you are trying to compose your response when using the "Get This" button. This is because new rows are being added above your selected message. There are two workarounds for this scenario. You can sort the message list in ascending order instead of the default descending order. This will cause new messages to appear below your selected interaction. The other option is to use the mass update panel to compose your response.


The manage messages page is a customized search result. You can reproduce the same lists as the manage messages page using the Search Interactions page. The searches used to select messages are shown below.


The questions shown in the manage messages pages are selected using the following Search Interactions query: [interaction type = customer email OR customer ticket OR agent ticket] AND [interaction status = unassigned OR queued]


The proposed answers shown in the manage messages page are selected using the following search.

[interaction type = agent response OR agent email] AND [interaction status = pending]


tog_plus        The Manage Messages Page Layout


tog_plus        Using the topic tree


tog_plus        Using the mass update panel


tog_plus        Working with the message list


tog_plus        Color coding for service levels

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