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iService User Guide

serviceleveliconiService prioritizes the assignment of messages to agents based upon a calculated target response time. The target response time is based upon the time a message is received, plus any applicable service level that is applicable. Service levels are assigned to each segment from the Segment – Details tab and the Segment – Topics tab. They can be created based upon interaction or contact property values. Or, they can be created with no properties specified as shown in the examples below.


Service levels are assigned to incoming questions in one of four ways.


Default Segment Service Level – Each segment can have a default service level set on the Admin Tools – Segment – Details page. This type of service level typically does not include any property values and sets in the lowest service level for all interactions in the segment. Use the other three service levels to adjust the target response time in relation to the default.

Topic Service Level – Each topic can have its own service level. Topic service levels are typically used for urgent topics that need a response faster than the default segment service level.

Interaction Property Service Level - you might need to assign questions that have certain interaction property values ahead of other questions in the same topic. For example, if you have an interaction property named priority, questions that have a value of urgent might require more rapid response. This allows you to adjust the routing priority of questions that are in the same topic.

Contact Property Service Level - if you use contact properties to identify your most important customers, you can use those values to set a target response time. For example, if you have a contact property named customer level, questions that come from contacts whose value is "Platinum" can get the shorter response target.


iService evaluates all of the available service levels to determine the actual priority. The question is given the highest priority based upon each of these four options. Here is an example of how this might work for two questions from the same contact.


Default - 120 minutes

Topic A - 90 minutes

Contact Property - 60 minutes

Interaction Property - 30 minutes


Scenario 1 - a question in Topic A from a contact that has the matching contact property would have a service level of 60 minutes.

Scenario 2 - a question from the same contact that has the interaction property on a question would have a service level of 30 minutes. But, their other questions would have a service level of 60 minutes.


tog_plus        Creating and managing service levels


tog_plus        Setting a Segment default service level


tog_plus        Setting a service level based on Topic


tog_plus        Setting a service level based on Contact property value


tog_plus        Setting a service level based on Interaction property value


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