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iService User Guide

listsiconCustom fields (properties) can be added to contacts and interactions. For instance, a segment that handles logistics might add "Shipment Type" to their contact records. Segments that provide technical support might add "Browser Type" to the support topic so that incoming questions contain this information. Lists are used in the drop-down menus for those properties. This is a tenant level configuration because the lists may be reused within any number of segments.


These Skills a Settings page

These Skills a Settings page



To create a new list, click on New list and enter the following information.


Additional Detail Name – this is the name of the detail that will be referenced in the Contact Properties and Interaction Properties tab.

Text Box – To add a detail to the list, enter its value in the text box and click <<Add.

Values –These are the values that will be presented within the property’s drop down menu.


Once the list is created, you can associate it with a contact property or interaction property in one or more segments. This is done within the Contact Properties and Interaction Properties tab of segment configuration. If the list is used within an Interaction Property, then you will need to associate it with a topic (Admin Tools>Segment>Topics). See those sections for further details.

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