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iService User Guide

skillsiconSkills are used to ensure incoming questions are routed to the correct agents. Skills are assigned to interactions based on their topic or interaction properties, and agents are limited to questions where their skills match ALL of the required skills. Skills are not required for implementations of iService that do not need skills-based routing. If skills are not used, CSRs will be allowed to receive any inbound message for all segments to which they are granted access. Keep in mind that adding a skill to a topic will prevent CSRs from receiving messages from that topic, unless the agent also has the corresponding skill.


There are two types of skills: standard skills and interaction property skills.


A standard skill is simply a label, such as Basic Tech, that is assigned to a topic. To handle the questions within that topic will require the agent to also be assigned the standard skill.


Interaction property skills are based on a specific value for an interaction property. For instance, an interaction property named Operating System might have three possible values – Windows, Mac, and Linux. If a skill is created that references a value for this property (e.g., Mac), then any message within any topic that has that interaction property value (e.g., Mac) will only be routed to the agents that have this skill assigned. Skills that are based on interaction properties are NOT assigned to topics. They are only assigned to agents. The values for the interaction property itself are assigned to the question using filters or are set by the contact when the question is submitted.






tog_plus        Creating and editing skills


tog_plus        Deleting skills


tog_plus        Overriding skill requirements


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