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iService User Guide

usertypesiconThe User Types page can only be viewed by an Administrator or SuperUser, which is typically the person that maintains your overall iService tenant. Each user type includes a set of access rights that determine what the agent can do. Administrators can modify the access rights within each User Type or create custom users types from this menu. it's best to not modify the default user types. If you need to adjust access, you should create a new user type and configure it appropriately. The access rights are enforced at the web service level, not at the user interface level. Therefore, it's possible to create user types that allow agents to see certain pages that are not functional for the agent. This also means that the access rights are enforced regardless of the interface used ( e.g., custom forms that you make, utilities, etc.).


Access to interaction history, questions and customer data is controlled by the Segment Access settings in Tenant Settings - Agents page. User types do not impact the questions or properties that agents can view.


tog_plus        Creating and editing user types


tog_plus        Access Right Definitions


tog_plus        Access rights for standard user types






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