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iService User Guide

websitesiconYour iService system can be configured to support multiple Internet domains, different user interfaces for agents and customers, and other aspects to fit the needs of your user base. For example, if your enterprise has multiple brands supported by a single support team you can create customized portals for self-help that are specific to the appropriate segments. These support websites can be dedicated to a particular segment for customers, while agents handle questions across all of your business segments from a single domain.


These types of configurations are made within the Websites settings page. The full user interface can be customized by selecting alternate forms in the Site Forms panel. For example, you can replace the default page for agents with a custom form that includes any content desired.


The websites page consists of four panels for each website: website domains and segments, website details, website URLs, and password reset settings. These settings are used to create custom configurations tied to a specific URL / domain. The configurations can be used to support different branding for segments, or to support different user interfaces for agents that are optimized for their business processes.


tog_plus        Website Domains and Segments


tog_plus        Website URLs


tog_plus        Password Reset Settings


tog_plus        Website Details



Configuration Options

You can change the behavior of your iService website with the following configuration options.


tog_plus        Standard Email Response vs Secure Message Portal (v8 and prior)


tog_plus        Load only stock response names (v8 and prior)


tog_plus        Color code messages by age in Manage Messages page (v8 and prior)


tog_plus        Home Page Settings (v8 and prior)


tog_plus        Set Business Hours for Assigned-Messages Form (v8 and prior)

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