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Segment Level Settings

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segmentsiconA tenant is comprised of one or more Segments that contain contacts and accept incoming questions. Your default installation of iService will consist of a single segment ready for configuration. New segments must first be created by a Super User, and then access can be granted to other users that will configure and administer the segment. Segment information consists of Segment Details, Contact Properties, Interaction Properties, Mailboxes, Auto Responses, Stock Responses, Topics, and Filters. To create a new segment, click the Create New Segment button shown below.




Then, enter the name for the segment and click Create Segment. This function is limited to the Super User, because segments cannot be deleted. The name can be changed in the Segment Details page.




Most organizations use the business segments to provide custom configuration for departments. For example, finance might have a segment for processing credit memos, purchase orders, and other interactions specific to their business purpose. Technical support might use a configuration for internal and external support requests. Each department has complete control over the configuration of their segment.


You can also use segments to differentiate brands. Each segment can use their own domain for their mailboxes, and customize their knowledge bases and other aspects of iService to reinforce their brand.



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