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iService User Guide

configure-agent-interfaceYou can customize the behavior of various agent pages using the menus in the Configure Agent Interface settings. This includes the answer panel, which is the set of action buttons presented when answering a question. If you primarily use secure messaging for interacting with customers, select that answer panel in the Answer Panel Buttons tab. The Question Color Coding menu is used to set the time buckets and color of questions based on how long the question has been unresolved. The Dashboard Settings tab provides tools to customize the iService home page, which is loaded when you click the iService logo. The Agent Login Panel provides an option to redirect customers that open the agent login panel by mistake.


Open the Configure Agent Interface menu from the settings menu in the top right corner of iService.






tog_plus        Answer Panel Buttons


tog_plus        Question Color Coding by Age


tog_plus        Dashboard Settings


tog_plus        Agent Login Panel

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