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iService User Guide

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Knowledge Base

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managekbiconiService includes a knowledge base that uses the topic tree structure for sharing articles to help customers find answers to frequently asked questions. Articles can be marked public or private to restrict visibility. Private articles are only viewable by agents while customers have access to public content. Users can subscribe to articles, similar to joining a mailing list. A notification can be sent to subscribers when changes are made. Users can also rate articles, which helps your content managers identify articles that need updating. Two built-in customer engagement centers can be used to integrate the KB content into your company website, or a separate support center (customerportal-treeview and customerportal-tabs).


Articles are created, edited, and deleted from the Knowledge Base page. This chapter describes how to use this page and is intended for knowledge base administrators. Your customers will not be using this page to access articles. They will use a customer portal that is branded for your enterprise.


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