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iService User Guide

Stock responses provide a convenient and efficient way for agents to build answers to commonly asked questions. There are two types of Stock Responses: Segment Level and Agent Level. Responses created at the Segment Level are available to all agents of that segment when viewing a question within that segment. Agent level responses are only shown for the agent that created them, and are created in the My Account>Stock Responses page. The agent responses can be viewed and edited by managers in the agent admin page.


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The Stock Response panel

The HTML body will be automatically converted to plain text for the plain text version of the response. You can include other stock responses and variables inside of a stock response, if desired.


Important Note Regarding Pasting Content Into a Stock Response

When pasting content into the Stock Response, keep in mind that you are pasting into a rich text editor. Never paste content directly from a word processing program (e.g., Microsoft Word), because those programs use embedded proprietary codes to manage their display. These codes are NOT HTML compatible, and although you may not see them in the rich text version of the editor, you will see them in the source of the response. These codes will cause iService to malfunction when pasted into an agent response with unpredictable display to the end user.

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