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iService User Guide

agentsiconAgents are “internal” users of iService that handle questions from contacts, populate the Find Answers knowledge base, and administer the iService web site. The Agents page can be accessed by Tenant Administrators and CRS Managers. New Agents are added by clicking the New Agent button. To remove an agent, set the user type to customer. There is no delete button for removing agents because they are contacts in the iService database.


The Agent List

The agent list provides summary information about all of your agents. The license details section shows the number of licenses used and the total authorized. Some agent settings can be updated directly in the agent list, such as receive notifications, by toggling the switch on or off.


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The Agents list



The agent details for a selected agent        Agent Details


The agent settings for a selected agent         Agent Settings


The agent contact details for a selected agent        Agent Contact Details


The stock responses for a selected agent        Agent Stock Responses



tipsThe Super User can modify the access rights assigned to the default User Types and create new User Types. However, be careful when modifying access rights to avoid creating a user that has more access than the defaults. In order to access the details of a contact, agents must have a super-set of the rights assigned to that contact. For example, if access to tabs are removed from a CSR (e.g., My Account) but remain on the customer user type, CSRs will no longer be able to view contact information.

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