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iService User Guide

Department2Departments are used to organize groups of Agents according to common attributes, such as job function. Skills and Segment access can be assigned to Departments and then inherited by agents that are assigned to the department. If you have groups of agents that require the same skills in segment access, departments can streamline your setup process. You can also use departments to facilitate custom reports, and within round-robin filters to evenly distribute questions among agents in the department. See the Filters section for details on configuring round-robin filters.


The Departments list

The Departments list


The departments list shows the segments and skills assigned. Add a new department or remover department from this page. Review the list of agents assigned to the department before deleting it and make appropriate adjustments.


Configuring a department 

Configuring a department 


1.The department name is shown in other menus within iService.

2.Provide a short description of the purpose of the department.

3.Agents in this department will inherit the segment access shown here.

4.Agents of this department will inherit the skills shown here.

5.This section shows the agents that are currently a member of the department.

6.The section shows any round-robin filters that use this department to select agents.






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