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iService User Guide

agent_emailThe Quick Agent Email form allows agents to send agent email messages without looking up the contact. It's included in the custom forms section of the left navigation panel. One of the advantages of this form is that you can designate the sending mailbox for each topic. If you have topics dedicated to a customer, you might want to use a private labeled mailbox for all email you send to that customer.


Topics that are not mapped to a mailbox will appear grayed out in the topic menu, and will use the Segment's default mailbox. Ensure your default mailbox has an appropriate name suitable to all recipients.


Configuring the Quick Agent Email form


Before agents can use this form, it needs to be configured. To configure the form, open the Manage Agent Email form from the Custom Forms Admin page.



The Manage Agent Email Form will look like the below screen before it's configured. You need to configure every segment that will be sending emails.


An un-configured agent email admin form

An un-configured agent email admin form


To begin, select a segment. After you select the segment, the form will update and look similar to the example below.


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Configuring the Manage Agent Email form


1.If you want the Expect Customer Reply option enabled by default in the form, enable this switch.

2.The form will only display topics that have a mailbox selected. Choose a mailbox that is appropriate for each topic. Some topics, like _Spam, will not need to be configured.

3.You can Create lists of email addresses that can be selected from the form and paste it into the cc line. Each list has a name and a string of email addresses separated by a comma.

4.After you've made your changes click the save button.



Configuration Settings

Note: The agent email configuration uses a custom form and placeholder. These settings are updated automatically when you save the Manage Agent Email Form. There are no actions needed, and the information below is for informational purposes only.


The configuration for your agent email form is saved into a custom form (named agent-​email-​config) that you should never edit directly.


The configuration details are stored here

The configuration details are stored here


This form is then automatically set within the Website settings page for the agent email placeholder.


Website setting for the agent email form

Website setting for the agent email form


Controlling Access to the Admin Page

The Manage Agent Email Form configuration page is available to User Types that have the Tab.Admin.AgentEmailForm access right. By default, this access right is provided to CSR Managers and Administrators. You can modify user types or create a new user type with this access right as needed.



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