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iService User Guide

quoteiconSending and following up on quotes can be a high-volume process with significant revenue impact. This chapter describes built-in iService forms that can streamline the process for delivering quotes, provide a follow up mechanism for agents and managers, and allow customers to collaborate directly on the quotes. The goals of the quote process are to reduce the quote prep time required by agents, improve quote acceptance rates, reduce overall sales cycle time, and generate metrics and dashboards to help continuously improve the sales process.


Assumptions and Prerequisites

1.A topic(s) must be designated for quoting, and only quote requests are placed into that topic.

2.A topic(s) must be designated for tracking open quotes, and only follow up tickets will be placed into that topic.

3.Your quote templates are stored within stock responses the agent selects when composing a quote.

4.Interaction properties are used to store details of the quote, and are inserted into the stock response template for the quote. These properties are customizable.


Before you configure your quote and follow up forms, make sure you have the following prerequisites in place.


tog_plus        Step 1 - Setup interaction properties


tog_plus        Step 2 - Setup stock responses


tog_plus        Step 3 - Setup topics for quote requests & follow-up


tog_plus        Step 4 - Create your Quote Configuration

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