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iService User Guide

The iService Forms interface is used to build web applications that leverage the iService web services. These can be as simple as a form to capture a customer question, or as detailed as an entire customer support portal or workflow application.


There are several customizable forms that can be used to enhance your agent or customer experience. These forms require modification for your business requirements before they can be used.


Customer Portal - The customer portal allows your customers to find answers to the questions in a knowledge base, submit questions, read answers in view past conversations, manage mailing list subscriptions, and edit their contact information and custom properties. The form supports adding custom headers and footers, but will function without any modification.


Assigned Messages - The assigned messages form provides a summary of all agents that have messages assigned along with the age of the oldest message in their queue.


Quote and follow-up forms – iService includes a complete workflow for sending quotes, tracking the status


To learn more about the forms interface, see the iService Forms User Guide.


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