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iService User Guide

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Working With Data Tables

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iService uses data tables extensively to display search results and lists of information (My Message Inbox, Message List in the Manage Messages page, etc.). These tables all have similar functionality, which is described below.


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An example of data tables


1 - The Excel button exports the contents of the table to an Excel file. All rows will be exported regardless of the number of entries shown per page.


2 – The Column Visibility button allows you to add and remove columns in the table. The columns available for selection vary depending upon the table.


3 – The Show x Entries menu adjusts the pagination level.


4 – You can filter the results of the table by typing into this filter box. The table only display rows that have matching values.


5 – Every column in the table is sortable. The sort icon for the current sort column is shown in bold.


6 – When there is more than one page of content, pagination is shown on the bottom.


7 - When a row contains an expand / collapse icon, you can click the icon to see more options.

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