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iService User Guide

workflowiService includes a workflow builder that makes it easy to create custom submit forms and agent menus to match your internal processes. Workflows can include a submit form to capture details needed for your process, such as a request for a quote. They can also include custom action menus for agents that are rendered based on the topic of the question, or a tag added to the interaction. These action menus can simplify the agent interface by presenting custom buttons that trigger the exact action needed.


Do you have a process that requires items to be approved? Submit the request through a workflow submit form, and then queue it for the users that are authorized to provide approval. When the  ticket is opened, thee manager can use a simple action menu with Approve and Reject buttons. These types of custom processes will make your agents more productive and greatly reduce errors. In fact, many users will be able to interact with your workflow with no or minimal training on the iService user interface.
To get started with iService Workflow, contact your account manager to discuss your use cases.


The user interface includes these components.



Component Name



Basic Setup

The basic setup tab defines the features included within the workflow. These include: a form that customers or agents submit to start the process, customized answer panel buttons, text blobs for messages sent, and object mappings to interaction properties, topics, etc.


Customer Submit

The customer submit form is a configuration wizard that generates HTML forms used to begin the workflow.


Answer Panel

If the workflow requires a custom answer panel, those panels are created in this tab.


Text Blobs

Your workflow might includes various notification messages sent to customer and agents. You define that text in this tab and then reference it as needed in the configuration.


Object Mappings

Workflow configurations are designed to be reused, so the mapping to your tenant specific data is separate from the configuration. The mappings page allows you pick the topics, properties, etc. that are specific to your tenant configuration. This allows you to create a workflow for one iService Segment and then share it with other segments. Or, you can import a workflow provided by One-to-One Service and use the mappings page to link it to the proper settings.


Copy to Clipboard

Use the Copy to Clipboard option to export a configuration.





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