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Approve Credit Memo

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creditmemoapproveIf you're using the iService credit memo approval process, you might receive an approval request via email. The request will be customized for your organization, but will include a link to an approval form. The link will include the interaction ID of the request, which will be passed into the approval form. The approval form includes buttons for "Approve Credit" and "Reject Credit".  To accept the request, just click the Approve Credit button. To reject the request, click the Reject Credit" button and enter a short explanation for your denial.


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An example credit memo approval page


If you receive a request to approve a credit memo, the credit memo ticket has been assigned to you. The approval form will only accept approval from the iService agent that is assigned to the request. In most cases, clicking the link will load the form with the appropriate buttons. There are scenarios, however, where you may not be  able to approve or reject the request. These are described below.


tog_plus        Ticket assigned to someone else


tog_plus        Ticket not assigned to anyone


tog_plus        Ticket already resolved


tog_plus        Ticket isn't a credit memo





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