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iService User Guide

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Searching For Contacts

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The first step in viewing a contact is to locate it within the iService. The default search criteria is --Login--, which is normally the contact's e-mail address. There are three drop-down boxes which can be configured for searching for records: .  They are Search Where, In Field, and Search For.


To search on multiple fields, use the "Add Field" button. Leaving the "Search For" box blank will result in a "wildcard" search that returns any record with a value.


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Customer search parameters


Search results are displayed in a panel below the search query. Clicking on the Contact Name will open the contact’s details within the Contact Summary tab. Column headings (Name, Email, etc.) can be clicked to sort the results.  Results can be filtered by typing into the Filter Results box.


You can take actions from the search results page by clicking the Expand icon next to each row. expanding the role reveals three action buttons: Agent email, Note, and Ticket. You can take these actions from within the search results without loading the contact page.


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Taking actions from the contact search results panel



tipsSearch results are limited to the Segment Access Rights granted to the agent. For example, an agent that is only granted access to Segment A will only see contacts in search results that are a member of Segment A.



tog_plus        The Search Where parameters


tog_plus        The In Field parameters


tog_plus        The Search For parameters


tog_plus        Using the And/Or operators with multiple criteria


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