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iService User Guide

The interaction purge process deletes interactions (of all types except for KB articles) that are older than the date specified in the Purge > Days column. The process runs every minute to minimize the impact on performance. Interactions deleted by this process cannot be recovered.


Superusers will see all tenants in the iService installation, while administrators granted access to this page will only see their tenant.


The Interaction Purge page

The Interaction Purge page


1 - This column indicates whether or not the purge process is activated. This is not a switch, because the number of days to retain messages must be specified before the process can be enabled. The configuration button (7) is used to turn the process on and off.

2 - The tenant that is being purged.

3 - The number of days to retain interactions. This is set from the configure menu.

4 - The number of interactions that will be purged. This value updates every minute based on a search of interactions older than the retention period.

5 - The number of files associated with interactions scheduled for purge.

6 - The last time an interaction was deleted.

7 - Use this button to configure the purge settings. When you click this button, you'll see the menu below. You can disable the purge process, or set a number of days for retention and click Enable to turn it on. The number of days must be at least 180.




tog_plus        Audit log for deleted items



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