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Manage Open Quotes

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quotemanageopen2When your segment is configured for the quote and follow-up process, iService will present a different interface for quote requests than regular questions. Instead of composing an answer in the rich text editor, a special quote form is substituted to gather all the inputs and select a quote template. Your quote configuration will designate special topics designed for quote requests. Any question that you receive in one of these topics will use the quote form for your answer.


When a quote is prepared and sent, a special tracking ticket is created for the open quote. This tracking ticket is used to streamline the follow up process and document the final resolution of the quote. Agents can see their own quote follow up ticket in their My Open Quotes page.


The Manage Open Quotes page provides a summary of all tracking tickets created by every agent in your segment. A separate panel is shown for each follow-up topic in your segments. The panel is identical to the My Open Quotes page, except the assigned agent is shown.


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The Manage Open Quotes page


Your iService administrator can create an unlimited number of quote topics dedicated to each type of quote that you send. The inputs required for the quote are customizable for each topic.  See the Quote Admin page for details on creating quote configurations.

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