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Submit Credit Memo

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creditmemoiconiService has a set of built-in forms that can be configured to submit and approve credit memo requests. The process begins by submitting a request for a credit memo, which triggers an email to the requested approver. The approval email includes a link to an "Approve Credit Memo" form that presents Accept / Reject buttons.


This form can be configured according to your organization's needs. An example of this form is shown below. For details on configuring this form, talk to your local iService administrator or your One-to-One account manager.


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An example of a credit memo submission form


In most cases, the form will be self-explanatory and you will simply complete and submit the request. There are some scenarios, however, were you might receive an error during submission. Those are described below.


tog_plus        Specified email address is bounced.


tog_plus        Order number already exists


tog_plus        No Segment Access


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